You know it’s that time of year when everyone’s news feeds fills up with talks and info about California’s best outdoor music festival, Desert Hearts. In only a short two year time period this festival has grown exponentially from a small desert party hosting 100 people to a massive attendance of over 2,000.  There is no doubt in our mind that Desert Hearts has taken the best from all festivals before it and implemented their own flair which then generated the greatness that this festival has become. They upped the ante this year with their best line up to date and ff you have any doubts about attending this years event here is a list of 5 reasons why you MUST be at Desert Hearts 2 Year Anniversary.

               “Desert hearts is way more than just a party. We are a community, a movement of love celebrating life with beats. A place where acceptance, creativity and passions flourish. Its a gathering of open-minded and like-minded individuals where friendships blossom and smiles surround you. A place to learn, grow, inspire and release. A safe haven away from Babylon where everyone can connect with nature, be themselves and do what makes then happy. One stage, one vibe, one beautiful and growing family.”


5. The Magic
When we come together there’s no doubt something special happens. You can feel it the second you arrive, the bubble of love that pops and explodes all over you washing off all your worries, responsibilities and woes. A sea of smiles and mountain of hugs greets you, infecting you with the happiness we all amplify off each other. A certain kind of magic is in the air, a feeling almost impossible to describe but felt by all of us as we unite to dance, express, share, grow and release. A feeling of oneness, of belonging to something greater than ourselves. More than a party, Desert Hearts is a family, a movement, a rejection of traditional norms and embracement of the funky and weird. We are the makers of magic and the dreamers of dreams.

4. The Art
Desert Hearts is constantly expanding their art programs and have incorporated various mediums of art in an effort to showcase the massive talent throughout the burner community. It’s all about creative contribution. Everything from the way people dance and dress to performers and live artists is art. The entire festival is in engulfed in art because art is a reflection of the soul and so expressed accordingly. Unique but united, the self expressive nature that people tune into is what makes them so beautiful and and want to gravitate together. Creativity spreads just like love and it inspires those it touches. That being said, everyone at DH is an artist, some just might not know it yet.

3. The Community
What started as an intimate gathering in the Mojave has blossomed into a full blown community.  Beyond the music, there’s everyone from live artists, performers, yoga instructors, healers, vendors, and theme camps that compose the the Desert Hearts Community. Soon you’ll find yourself surrounded by self expressive, open-minded, and non-judgmental friends celebrating “House, Techno, & Love”. Their motto, “We Are All Desert Hearts” couldn’t be any truer.

2. The Vibe
The vibe at Desert Hearts is basically tied with #1 on this list. Everyone goes into the event with the best, most loving intentions possible. Attendees know that more they put in, the more they get out. Everyone brings something to the table and it’s this collective contribution to the party that puts Desert Hearts in a class of it’s own. When the entire festival is based on the principles of “House, Techno, & Love”, it’s easy to understand why the vibe has become arguably the best part about Desert Hearts.

1. The Music
There is no question that music ultimately comes first at Desert Hearts. With all-star international & local lineups consisting of over 70 hours of non-stop underground House & Techno, Desert Hearts’ attention to detail when curating their flow of DJs is second to none. A typical 24 hours will take you on a journey through daytime house sets to tripped out sunset jams, while the night is filled with tech house to slamming techno.  Then it’s back to melodic spiritual sunrise sets and deep house filled mornings. Rinse and repeat for 70 hours straight and by day three you’ll be locked into their loving world of musical meditation.

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