Discerning techno professor Mule Driver enlightens us with his Top 5 Influences of all time, a curious character performing live, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of sound.

Working away amongst the electronic scene in Tel Aviv is something that comes simple to, Mule Driver. Leading the way with his Confused Machines outlet. Recent times see his Rainshadow EP see the light of day, an EP based around the tribes of the past.

Here we go, Mule Driver, Top 5 Influences…

Rude 66 – Walked In Line

“Rude 66 cover version of an early Joy Division song
a great adaptation of a great rock song into a driven electro-acid track
TB 303 at it’s best.”

Squadra Blanco – The Night Must Fall

“Everyone love Legowelt, this is my favorite Legowelt track. Dark, mysterious horror disco with haunted arpeggio”.

Smell The Flesh – Hail Kongo

“Eeire complex beats followed by creeping acid – voodoo techno”.

Skin o Dayba – Love Dub

“The soundtrack of a performance by Ohad Fishof and Uri Katzenstein, a mixture of melancholic ambient and dub with XXXX voices make a different kind of ritual music”.

I.B.M. – A Madness Shared By 2

“Post-industrial tribal noise made by the one and only Jamal Moss who keep pushing the boundaries of electronic music in a way only no one done before”.

Find more from Mule Driver here, Rainshadow EP preorder – https://www.deejay.de/MULE_DRIVER_RAINSHADOW_CM10_Vinyl__931427.