Touch of Class Record’s fifth release “Retox Detox” comes from the musical pair, Tone of Arc, comprised of SF-based musician/producer/vocalist/songwriter, Derrick Boyd and his counterpart, Zoe Presnick. The forthcoming EP features three original tracks: “Retox”, “Untouched”, & “Run Rabbit Run”, with a collaborative Retox remix from label mates Signal Flow & Pattern Drama. Each track exhibits live instruments played by Boyd, as well as personal and enigmatic lyrics delivered in his pitch-perfect voice, often backed by the dreamy vocals of Presnick. One could describe their unique style as indie-house fused with synth-pop. The EPs first track, “Retox” is laid down with a swooning electric-guitar led melody reminiscent of a 1960’s Ricky Nelson track met with a warm and sleek bass line laced with nostalgic lyrics sung by Boyd. The heralding hook brings the song into a spiritual and cosmic realm exhibiting words of deep thought as to ‘how we have lived up to the last days alive’. With elegance and grace, Boyd and Presnick vocally emit chills through your very core, causing one to think about the joys and hardships of life and question ‘who will be present during its transformation into the afterlife.’ Label mates, Signal Flow and Pattern Drama, do the “Detox” remix of “Retox”. Warm keys and the melodic, seismic vocals of the duo transcend the listener into space, though the tight percussion and funky synth makes this remix suitable for any dance floor, sunset, or sunrise. “Untouched” was recorded with a skipping, eccentric, funky bass line, pan-wavering shakers and soulpopping percussion, layered with buoyant keys that intricately remind the listener that it’s time to set your groove as the church of dance bells beckon love to remain untouched, nameless and free. The EPs final track “Run Rabbit Run” is a song that brings life to color with sounds full of imagination. Calm, warm and pulsing bass, feathering claps, and ear-tickling, bright synths, perfectly come together to make space for Derrick’s multi-layered vocals, making one man sound like a choir of spirits that tell a rabbit to run for his life as a storm brews in the distance. The very personal lyrics found in each track gives a vulnerability rarely found in the electronic music category, lending this collection of music the ability to be received by a wide range of listeners, regardless of genre affiliations.


Artist:  Tone Of Arc
Title:  Retox
Label:  Touch Of Class
Catalog No.:  TOCR005