As far as Fridays go, the only thing better than having the blissful freedom of the weekend within our grasp is the promise of a new release to take us there in style. Tom Demac accepts that challenge with open arms, providing us with two absolutely gorgeous tracks out today on Hypercolour.

The Shuttle Awaits ‘ begins with a sultry guitar twang and a quick brass blast to garner our attention, making sure we are mentally prepared for the journey ahead. The vocals that ensue are ghostly yet provocative, creating the perfect tension before bringing the song to a head with aggressive piano strikes that have been lurking in the shadows ready to pounce. ‘ Dave Saints ‘ has us arriving at our destination, constructing the perfect assortment of pads and continuously escalating synths to highlight the bright and beautiful vocal loop that effortlessly drifts across the entire track.


ARTIST: Tom Demac
RELEASE DATE: 2015-08-14
LABEL: Hypercolour

Prendi  Mano