[Release]  Tom Demac is back with a behemoth of a track for Hypercolour.  Known for being very divers in his productions, Tom brings us this gritty, cutting-edge track that is sure to wreck speakers. In addition, Hrdvsion supplies a nice remix which makes this record a perfect addition to any collection.  ‘Critical Distance Pt. 2’  is a huge track that is hard, dirty, and deep.  With a rasping bass line that reminds me of D&B tracks from the late 90’s, this release is sure to set standards and open doors to how house music can be produced.  Hrdvsion also delivers with his stripped down remix that resembles the original.  An amazing single from Tom, this release will push the boundaries on how music will be produced, and expect to start hearing more hard hitting tracks like this in the near future.


Artist:  Tom Demac
Title:  Critical Distance Pt. 2
Label:  Hypercolour
Catalog No.:  HYPE28

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