Motek brings duo Toil & Trouble to the label with their debut EP “One Of Those Days / Azryel”. “One Of Those Days” is a spacious, seductive piece of House music, driven by a dark punchy bass line over crisp percussion. Filtered Piano and pad leads provide the main melodic features and create the foundation for the soft, wispy male vocal line. Well selected effects plus subtle changes in percussive voicing and arrangement add movement to the track. “Azryel”, like “One Of Those Days”, is driven by the weighty bass line. Echoing synth parts, from plucked textures to bass and brassy sounds, float above the core sections of the production adding ambience and atmosphere. This track takes on an almost industrial feel with use of some of the percussive elements and lead line, whilst keeping House textures in the snare and hi hat parts. This release comes with three remixes, from Silky, Casual Affair and Daelo. Silky’s remix of “One Of Those Days” opens up with a soft and wistful piano sequence, building gradually to a modern take on old school sounds. Nods to the era of Acid through the saw bass line and fast moving synth stabs provide the main musical elements to the track, driven by the open snare sounds and syncopated hi hat parts. Casual Affair have also put their take on “One Of Those Days”. A weighty and warm vibe is created with the softer gliding bass and plucked melodic stabs. Wooden percussive textures add the Casual Affair signature sound and provide a tone for the close yet spacious reverb to play off. Soft pads and air hit effects add depth to the mix, with classic 90’s synth arpeggiating sections adding movement. The remix is finished with the original lead subtly entering the production towards the end. The final remix by Daelo is of “Azryel”. This version takes on a more Techy nature. A bouncy feel is created by the choppy hi hats and moving bass line. Synth stabs playing off a triplet accented pad provide melodic movement to a remix laced with electro sounding effect hits that culminate in a big saw breakdown towards the end.


Artist:  Toil & Trouble
Title:  One Of Those Days/Azryel
Label:  Motek
Catalog No:  MTK004