[New Mix] Desolat darling child, tINI, made waves last year with her incredible album Tessa. The full length showcased her stripped down sound, which can be likened to a mixture between Dial Records’ signature depth and elements of raw dub techno.  Originally from Munich, the German artist weaves the same eccentricities and diversity of sound into her sets as she so carefully crafts into her productions, making this RA podcast a delightful journey. Below is the brief conversation between her and RA about this set.
tINI, RA Podcast 323
What have you been up to recently?

Since the beginning of the summer season I am staying in Ibiza. I brought some equipment and I am working on new releases (a new one for Desolat, a mini-album for Rekids and others). And I am hosting my own weekly radio show called “It Could Be Worse” on Ibiza Global Radio and besides this I’m traveling every weekend playing gigs and festivals all around Europe. On 1st of August I (re-)started with my own little beach party called “tINI and the gang,” a free event for friends focused on the music I love. It’s a busy summer!

How and where was the mix recorded?

I recorded it here in Ibiza, inspired by the nice weather and my tranquil life apart from work. We have a nice little setup here in our house.

Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix? 

My mixes are different to what you might hear from tINI at peak time in a club. I chose some older productions as well as actual productions from friends, different styles, but all telling one story. I love to build up slow, starting with deep music. There is a story or motivation behind all my mixes, either a person or a certain mood. As said before, this mix was Ibiza sunset/sunrise-inspired. 

Ibiza has been an important location for you down the years. Can you give us a brief history of your relationship with the island?

My first Ibiza visit was about ten years ago and I got attached right away. For me it was never just about the party. It changes your personality in a good way to live on an island like this. The sea, the weather and the quiet and amazing places, such as Es Vedra, can make me the happiest person within minutes after arriving from a hard and stressful weekend. 

What are you up to next?

I am about to leave the house now to play at Amnesia for Cocoon Heroes on the terrace tonight and well, my first “tINI and the gang” starts this week! Very excited.

After the summer I plan to move to New York for at least some months as I am totally in love with this city and would love to work there on some new productions and projects. Maybe a new album? We will see!