Perth’s Tina Says returns to October Records hitting the ground raving into the new year with the brooding release ‘Dimensions’. Metallic synthesisers cascade around an expertly crafted bass line, drawing you to the dance floor in an instant. Tried and tested on the road where she has recently finished touring with FISHER and Booka Shade, Tina Says certainly knows how to work a crowd with the unique energy and infectious vocal chops she works into every release.

Tina goes into depth on the poignancy of ‘Dimensions’ to her as an artist, “It reflects growth and showcases my evolving sound. This song is a result of my newfound passion for music with dynamic range and intricate details, combined with my love for fantasy, sci-fi, and futuristic technology. With a slow-burning narrative, ‘Dimensions’ is a multi-layered soundscape with captivating changes, for both introspection and the dance floor”.

”Dimensions” is out now!