Antonio Del Prete and Pierluigi Velotto, masterminds behind the duo Timelapse, release a new EP titled Iridium on Akbal Music. Having previously produced tracks for handful of prominent labels; such as Last Night On Earth, Culprit LA¸ Liebe*Detail and Connaisseur Recordings–they nailed it with their debut EP with Akbal. This is the first time the two have created original artwork for a album cover; it is mysterious and intriguing, just like what’s inside. Take a look…

Iridium contains two original tracks from Timelapse and two remixes by Hands Free and Kiani & His Legion. Title track “Iridium” boasts some sultry, deep organic vibes and energizing at the same time. It’s heavy rhythms will have you concentrating on nothing but the music. Hands Free’s remix offers a slightly more melodic touch–going hand-in-hand with the original. “System” pulls the listener deeper in and its electronic feel has the tendency to darken the room and transport the listener to a misty, cold forest at dusk. Kiani & His Legion create an emotional remix that is heavy on the keys and tends to almost slows down time.


Artist: Timelapse
Release Date: 22/02/2016
Label: Akbal Music

Timelapse – Iridium [Akbal Music]

Derek Coulter
Contributing Editor