No doubt, Circus is how real life should actually be. It is honest, soulful and, above all, very emotional. There are no lies in the circus. There are artists who work together to give a smile. It is a world where people help each other.

It is probably the only show where a family, from children to their grandparents, can sit together and all be entertained by the same nice thing. From this world of life could also come the artist Timboletti, who manages to form wonderful tracks out of honest emotions to bring a smile to people’s faces. This is exactly what he achieves with his current release Potrems on Acker Records.

A beat as down-to-earth as a meditation circle. A melody like the swirling smoke of Nag Champa between
the dusty sunrays under the canopy of an oasis. A bass as warm and cosy as the cuddle puddle under the
twinkling stars of some desert rave. And acid. Three Timboletti tunes. Three grooves that are unmistakable in
the most unexpected way. Three good reasons to get lost on the dance floor.

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