Tiger & Woods, some of the heavy hitters in the disco/funk/boogie-edit world, have released a new mixtape called “The Golden Bear Mix”. Besides being a compilation of sex jams, the mix also serves as an invitation to join them on their SoundCloud page. The Italian duo writes,

Hello everyone and welcome to our Soundcloud. We’ve been here for a a while but this is the first time we’re actually inviting you to join us. This is a little mix for you which features some unreleased gems, some soon to be released tracks and some songs that we love. Hope you enjoy this. See ya.

I always forget how much I love these guys until they put out something new and then I remember, “Oh yeah, these guys f*cking rock”.We’ve had the pleasure of hosting them for our Lovelife party twice now, and both times, the live show blew us away, and their Italian-ess left us realizing how shit our Starbucks espresso is. Thanks for the mix boys! We will be seeing you soon.



Here’s a little stop-motion video we made from one of the first Lovelife parties ever back in October of ’11. Enjoy




-Slow aka Jon Dadon