[New Release]  Crosstown Rebels is a label that will not be told what to do or where to go — their music has always been trendsetting and a leader in the industry. While many labels and artists are jumping on board with new genres and styles, Crosstown takes it back a bit and once again shows us they are not a label that can be pin holed into any one genre.  This very special 100th released required someone special, someone quite legendary, and you can’t get much better than the very accomplished Tiga.

The title track, ‘The Picture,” is a classic Crosstown track with its dark and erotic tech vibes, seductive vocals and overall sinister feel.  The other original off this release, ‘Pleasure From The Bass,” is a quintessential Tiga track, his musical ebb and flow instantly recognizable as his own.  A synth pop jam with an electro house feel (and those distinct vocals) there is no doubt that the man who runs Turbo Recordings made this jam.  Subb-an takes the track ‘Pleasure From The Bass’ and remixes it beautifully, giving it a perfect touch of depth.

Crosstown Rebels are always pushing the envelope and setting trends and once again they show that they are a label that will continue to surprise you and release music from all over the spectrum. This is one label that will not be classified and, as always, we look forward to what Crosstown has in store for the future.


Artist:  Tiga

Title:  The Picture

Label:  Crosstown Rebels

Catalog No.:  CRM100

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