Melbourne based DJ, producer and radio host, Tiff Cornish steps on the sonic gas pedal with her new high octane ‘Dance Maniac/Burden’ EP, in addition to announcing her signing with Club Sweat! Non-stop levelling up her production, this punchy double A side invites you into Tiff‘s modular playground where unique synthesis and precision percussion preside. This body of work begins with ‘Dance Maniac’, an ode to the hedonistic catharsis found in techno since its birth.

Complete with entrancing spoken word and rhythmic bell tones to build tension, the essence of the rave is encapsulated. Transporting you to the deep depths of the vaults of Europe, ‘Burden couples a driving acid groove with uplifting vocals that are bound to get the dance floor heaving. A 90s flavour half-time breakdown filled with energy inducing string stabs and an intoxicating breakbeat truly sets this off. In before the drop where a face melting synthesizer enters, emblematic of the greatest of drum solos, where chaos will ultimately ensue and the visceral effects of a Tiff Cornish record will have you moving in overdrive.

Speaking of the EP Tiff notes it is “infused with vintage vocals & energic synthesisers. Inspired by the rebellious, in a means to push the realms as an artist and what I was begging to explore.”

Dance Maniac/Burden” is out now!