Culprit’s fourth party in the PrototypeLA series is the celebration of the classic and timeless in underground dance music. The two guests of honor, Move D & DJ Three, are some of the most widely admired and respected DJs around. Both provide the much needed connection between the forward-thinking present and the best of house and techno past.
David Moufang aka Move D is a German dance music institution: a recording artist and DJ with 20+ years of releasing outstanding music and playing some of the best clubs and parties in the world. His encyclopedic knowledge of the past 30 years of music is matched by his sheer dexterity behind the decks. The most important thing that can be said about Move D is that he never goes out of fashion, always remaining vital and never ceasing to impress and enlighten. His touring diary and the impeccable regard he’s held in are testament to that.

Move D @ Panorama Bar:

In some way, DJ Three is Move D’s American counterpart – an exceptional DJ able to seamlessly navigate decades of dance music in one fell swoop. Three is the carrier of the rare tradition of pure skilled DJing that’s not merely means to an end but an art form in its own right. He cut his teeth at the legendary Twilo in New York and Simon’s in Florida. He has since become a regular at meccas of the underground – Fabric in London, Panorama Bar in Berlin, Electric Pickle in Miami etc.

DJ Three for Cadenza Podcast:

Your hosts, as always is the Droog trio who will dip into their decade’s worth of experience and a sizable music collection to set the mood for the proceedings just right.



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