[Release]  MLP Music Label has been on a great ride lately.  Releasing hit after hit this year, we get their latest release from Tiago Schneider.  A great single featuring an incredible remix from Touchtalk, Do It is one record you are going to want to add to your collection.  With a funky deep bass line, spacey synths, and calling vocals, this track is sure to get you moving.  Touchtalk delivers with a stellar pumped-up remix.  Built up bass, synths, and vocals really set this track apart.  Touchtalk has recently become a favorite of mine, and you can see with this sublime remix.

A great release, expect to be hearing a lot more from MLP.


Artist:  Tiago Schneidet
Title:  Do It
Label:  MLP Music Label
Catalog No.:  MML018

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