Thyladomid is a young German producer who joined the Diynamic ranks back in 2011 and now he is back with another big hitting track, The Real Thing, featuring Mâhfoud plus remixes from label mates Stimming and Adriatique. A trained pianist and excellent producer with his own unique House sound, Thyladomid has also released on the likes of OFF and VIVa and here proves he is one of the best new talents in the game. The track in original form is a truly sombre bit of deep house. Its main feature is a melancholic piano line that lazily rolls over warm, rubbery kicks as Mâhfouds pained and sad vocals add another layer of emotion. It’s a real listening track, one that has you turning inwards and remembering lost loves, whereas the remixes are much more dancefloor aligned. Stimming reworks the track into a much more sharp and urgent affair with his usual intricate details making it hugely energetic. From the squelchy synths to the rubbery bass, its a textured affair that makes you wanna move. Finally, Adriatique, the Swiss pair currently on a roll, offer up a lazy, spaced-out and fairly slow House remix that is all about making dancers sink into their inviting groove. This is a truly tender release from Diynamic and Thyladomid that proves the label can do introspective house emotion as well as they can sweatier dancefloor anthems.


Artist:  Thyladomid Feat. Mahfound
Title:  The Real Thing
Label:  Diynamic
Catalog No.:  DIYNAMIC071