As we all know: Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out. Thomas Lemmer provides the appropriate soundtrack for the hopefulness and convinces an international fan base with his production skills.

His new album will not only be available on all known download stores and streaming services, but also in Dolby Atmos and High-Resolution Audio format.

The sound quality was and is always important to me. In the last few months, I have repeatedly revised the mixes, which were ultimately refined in the famous Monoposto Mastering Studio in High-Resolution Audio format.

Thomas Lemmer – Studio – 2022

No doubt, “HOPE” – an album name that couldn’t fit better into our present time. Thomas Lemmer produced the 16 tracks and four bonus tracks of the album during the pandemic. But the current events encouraged Thomas Lemmer to form an antipole with his music. His music helps to retake courage and to continue, even in seemingly hopeless situations.

Thomas Lemmer proves his versatility again with “HOPE”. While his last album, “AMBIENT NIGHTS”, was more ambient oriented, he uses different styles like chillhop, chillstep, downtempo, pop ballads, ambient with neoclassical influences up to deep house on his current long-player. Despite all the variety, a common theme runs through the album and his unmistakable compositional signature and sound.

With HOPE, I also wanted to tie in with my albums STILL and PURE and again include some vocal tracks and collaborations with other artists.

Thomas Lemmer loves collaborations, and so he has worked with a wide variety of artists on “HOPE”. Among them, the singers Valeska Rautenberg, Esther Esrah, and Tina Sona. In addition, the producers Christoph Sebastian Pabst, with whom he already produced the two albums “MEERBLICK” and “BERGBLICK”, as well as Tauon (Olaf Gretzmacher), who already produced several remixes for Thomas Lemmer.

It is also extraordinary that he has dedicated himself to covering a song for the first time. With “THE POWER OF LOVE” (originally by Frankie Goes To Hollywood), he produced a reduced, almost acoustic version of this world hit, whose lyrics will certainly never lose their meaning. Sung by Tina Sona, who, with her fragile and at the same time powerful and expressive voice, gives you goosebumps. A very emotional and worthy version.

With “HOPE” Thomas Lemmer continues his two successful albums “STILL” and “PURE”. It is an album that you like to listen through. It is varied and interesting. Where you discover new details with every listen. Not dedicated to any single genre alone, but bridging the gap between all the sub-genres that exist in the electronic field and that inspires him so much himself. Creative, new, bright, powerful, positive. These were the attributes that were important to him when creating the album.