This Is Me and Kloser link up for a brilliant album that marks the third release on the Enygma label. This is the first time they have worked together and brings together a great sense of magical melody and techno rhythm that is utterly absorbing. 

Natural Born opens things up in plaintive fashion with wallowing synths making a sci-fi mood. Let Me Forget is a slick and rubbery house track with moody synths sucking you in and that vibes continues on the spacious and atmospheric White Garden. As that one builds the pressure and zones you out, the follower Revelation is another heady track with smooth drums and poised synth lines up top making for a serene and human-less soundscape. 

Into the Darkness brings mind melting chords that suggest tension and unease and Paranoid is just that, with broad, sweeping synths hinting at a foreboding storm ahead. Enemies is another track with a boarding mood and dark undercurrent thanks to how sparse it is, with just a gentle synth line off in the distance hinting that an army is just round the corner. Eclipse then brings more light to the table with molten melodies and uplifting grooves and Natural Born (2) rounds things out in real style. Overall it makes for quite the trip. 

Enemies is out now!