This past Friday saw Club Index, Schüttorf, host a drive-in rave.

The brainchild of club owner, Holger Boesch, the car park of the club was transformed into a festival stage equipped with a full sound system and lighting rig and 250 vehicles, with a maximum of 2 people each, raved from the comfort of their cars.

Speaking this week to Mixmag, one of the DJs, Nitefield said: “[We didn’t have any] personal interaction with the audience at all, [so] it was really challenging to call them into action.”

“Some people from the ‘crowd’ started to push their horns which gave us great feedback and from that point we knew how to communicate with them and we could turn this event into something really personal.”

Fellow German promoters, World Club Dome are also planning a car rave, this time in Düsseldorf, later this month.

Forbes also reports that in-car concerts have also been happening in Denmark. Danish Singer-Songwriter Mads Langer managed to sell 500 tickets after a stage was hastily erected in the coastal town of Aarhus. The stage was later transformed into an outdoor cinema. “I’ve played many concerts in my life, but this is really a first,” Langer said.