As a tribute to the 20th anniversary of the music label Twin Town Production led by Toni Tress, Nicolas Molina and Stachy.DJ presented “The Sound of Twin Town: Tribute Mix Pt. I”, a personal selection of remastered music from the catalog of the first decade.

An eclectic mix of Soulful House, Chillout, D&B, Acid Jazz, IDM, Dubstep and Breaks takes the listener on a journey through time to the musical roots of the label until the dawn of the second era of digital mania. Now this compilation package offers homelisteners and DJs all the remastered tracks of the DJ-Mix in full length on vinyl.

And the artwork is also extraordinary: The whole package tells the story of a time travel through the first decade of label culture paired with the impacts of historical events: Time and space, up and downs, back and forth, solitary and together. Twin Town is “the city where the sickest music is played that you’ve never heard before because you’re always looking for …“.

With this continuous motif, the vinyls are combined into a collection. And this one has it all. A sound journey that you will not forget so soon.

Grab the vinyl here: Bandcamp & Deejay

Nicolas Molina (by Layla Baraké) | Toni Tress (by Hans Peter Kirsch)