New artistic club/complex commanded by the renowned Renato Ratier had the public excited at the first events

Maybe you’ve already heard of it, maybe not. But far from here, there in Brazil, a new club [that’s not exactly a club, we’ll explain it in the end] was opened on december 26th. We’re talking about Surreal Park, an artistic complex that will go far beyond electronic music, but that started putting on some very special parties with great DJs. So, we decided to tell you a little about this place’s atmosphere and what you’ll find once you’re there for the first time — we guarantee it’s worth it!

The place

Different from traditional clubs, here we don’t have a closed, tiny space… it’s quite the opposite. The space in which Surreal Park was installed is a giant land with more than 90 thousand square meters, completely surrounded by nature, by the green of trees, lakes and hills. The parking lot is huge and right there you can already feel what’s about to come. The air is fresh, the music is already echoing and it’s already possible to see some tents that are part of the complex.

Right at the entrance

During the entrance line, you can feel that something different awaits you. 2 giant gorillas with about 3 meters of height are on each side ‘‘welcoming’’ you. It is the beginning of several artistic installations that you will come across throughout the place.

The first stage

Right ahead, we’re already on the first dancefloor: Raw Room. With wood floors and cabin, this stage esse palco was seen as an itinerant party throughout Brazil, the idea is to be an unpretentious “escape” to relax and listen to good music, hosting artists and sounds that flirt mainly with House, Minimal and similar lines. The idea is to welcome several local labels and collectives. Seas Label, Laguna Music, Sharp Movement and Shelter 47 have already passed through there. Some international artists who have joined the local labels include Yaya, Quest, Lamache and Dyed Soundorom.

Let the bells ring!

Further on, on the left, we can see the entrance to the Bells stage, a space essentially destined for Techno and heavier aspects of electronic music. It’s a huge, very well-architected dark shed, with minimalist lighting. In addition to Renato Ratier himself, other names that have passed through there are Hito, Paul Ritch, Radio Slave, Fedele, Wehbba and Bart Skils. All of this in the first 5 nights only. At dawn, some windows located at the back of the stage function as an entry for natural light creating a magnificent visual effect, also signaling that, in a few hours, the night will end, at 7 am.

The bars and green area

 Leaving Bells on the left side, we can find a food court, self-service machines and one of the 4 bars located along the complex. If you choose to go out behind the stage, you’ll come across a huge mountainous green area and see the Nomad stage tent ahead. There, you can walk, find resting spaces, take pictures in some of the artistic installations and enjoy all of this connection that nature offers.

Welcome to Nomad

After a tour of the entire venue, we finally arrive at the third and most beautiful stage of all, Nomad. Around the dancefloor, carriages signal spaces for small groups to enjoy the night. A huge circus tent covers the dancefloor, referring to the gypsy world, its mystery and romanticism. It is a totally playful, colorful space that has the ability to awaken the imagination of everyone present there. The first nights passed through Nomad were Facundo Mohrr, Sébastien Léger, Rebolledo, Crazy P Soundsystem, HOSH, Agentes Of Time, WhoMadeWho, Biesmans, Frankey & Sandrino, Jan Blomqvist, Oostil, Fur Coat, Fantastic Man and Roland Clark. Not bad, right?

The final result

Let’s be simple and direct: it feels like we’re inside a festival! But it is not a festival, it’s an artistic complex that hosts electronic music nights, but which will also host conferences and other types of events, as it’s modular and can adapt to different formats. At dawn, the place becomes even more beautiful, it makes you feel like you’re in paradise, with the sun illuminating the green, the birds singing and the music’s vibration touching your soul. It’s certainly a place that every clubber needs to visit when passing through Brazil, with an atmosphere and a different vibe that is difficult to find anywhere else in the world, a truly surreal experience.

BPM Festival Brasil

On February 25th, 26th and 27th, Surreal Park will host the first edition of the BPM Festival in Brazil during Carnival. The lineup does not disappoint, with names like Carl Craig, Dubfire, Henrik Schwarz, Joris Voorn, Nicole Moudaber, Oxia, Popof, Sonja Moonear and others all present. If you have the opportunity to attend, don’t let it pass by!

Oostil: “One of the best places on earth”
The Element: “Heaven on earth. Can’t wait to come back. The future is here”
Fur Coat: “Great Times, Awesome place”
Bart Skils: “Great Night”