Music is one of the quintessential elements of seduction, and as always the aim of this series is to inspire feelings of love and happiness in our listeners through an enticing blend of music mixed by hand picked selectors from all around the globe. For episode XVI The LoveBath brings you another dose of low-slung summer sex tunes skillfully strung together by Essex’s Chuggin Edits.      

The LoveBath Episode XVI featuring Chuggin Edits

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Interview with Chuggin Edits

Hey Chuggz! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. What’s your name and where are you from?
My name… ha err people just call me Chuggz but my Mrs calls me Windy. I’m from Essex near London.

As a disco DJ, how would you describe the scene in your hometown?
The scene in Essex? Don’t even go there… I was resident at one of the UK’s most famous nightclubs in Essex playing edits and nu-disco to a packed crowd for years until a certain TV program took over and the crowd changed and wanted to hear Calvin Harris… It was time to get out!

Tell us about the recent edit you did for Drop Out Orchestra.
I was recently asked to do a re-work of one of my idols; Drop Out Orchestra. I suppose it came about from the label seeing my edits and well, just asking me. The track was just to good to mess around with but didn’t have an intro or outro to make it more DJable so i gave it a wee Chugg.

Is all your focus on production right now or are you also out paying live? Where can people hear you spin? Residencies, radio, tours, etc?
I haven’t worked as a DJ since giving up the residency last year, but in July this year I was asked to do a 3 hour warm up for the full band SOUL II SOUL at a private wedding party in Majorca which was just amazing and a massive honor, and a party to remember for the rest of my life Would love to have a new residency somewhere but I am spending most of my spare time messing around with Ableton.
Always open to DJ for any one who wants me – I’m reasonably cheap!

Any other projects in the works that you can tell us about?
Projects in the pipeline… Hmmm one is a secret but a track of mine has just been signed to a UK label and details will be out soon. Also my good friend DEELICIOUS and i are working on a 3 or 4 track EP. Theres a teaser of the club ganger track on my page now. A possible edit of a secret Closed Paradise track and a possible collab with UK house legend Joey Musaphia. I have yet to convince him but he likes the idea of what i have in mind. Something free on Spa In Disco annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd… and well just many freebies I regularly give away. I’m trying to stick with more rare tracks that will get past the SoundCloud police as they shut my last page down… Boooooooooooooooooo. Its been a whirlwind year

Who’s your favorite villain?
Hahahaha my fav villain that caught me by surprise… The mad man in the Saw films, he is one twisted man… bit like me

Tell us a little bit about your LoveBath…
My mix is a current bag of my fav smooth tracks, every one from great friends I have gained and respected long before I even started Chuggin Edits a year ago. I didn’t include a track list but I will tell anyone who asks who the records are by. It gains communication then from people who care. Artists include Get Down Edits, P-Sol, Javi Frias, iMFROMULL, Ashley Beadle, myself and many more.

Drink of choice?
A real strawberry milkshake or a nice glass of vintage Sancere – both are bad for you! (If drunk in large quantities!)


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