The LoveBath returns with our 86th smooth-a-delic episode from House Salad Music boss, Big Pack! Be sure to peep the mix, and this exclusive interview with the man himself below!





Interview With Big Pack


1.) Can you tell us a bit about your label and channel, House Salad Music?

House Salad is a channel, a label, a podcast, in general, a platform to promote house music, djs, producers and labels in order to create a global community based in love and good music

2.) You recently launched HSM as a record label, that must be exciting! Can you talk a bit about the first wave of releases you’ve put out?

Yes, it is an extra task in my days but it is definitely very exciting. I love beaing able to serve as platform for other artists, that is something that makes me happy. The label now has a year of being released, there are 17 releases and many more to come, the goal is to be able to release on vinyl too in the near future. Im not focused in any special sound now but definitely I prefer the deep and jazzy stuff.

3.) The House Saladcast has been going for years now, showcasing some of the best up-and-comers in the underground house scene, what have been some of the highlight guest mixes for you in the years running it?

Yes, it has been almost 8 years since the Saladcast started and I am very happy to have great artists on the project but mainly true house music fans and each one is very special.

4.) Can you talk about your early motivation in music? How did you end up getting to where you are today in the music scene?

I started listening to electronic music since 1994 and immediately I fell in love with Chicago house. Since then I have been in a constant musical search, discovering new artists, record labels and new tracks day by day. I have been throwing parties in my city since 2004 promoting house musicwith a lot of passion and that has given me the opportunity to meet many people, to travel and to launch a project that is very solid now.

5.) Last question, what are you favorite dance floor weapons right now?

It is a hard question because I have a lot, it depends of the mood, but I usually play music from Joss Moog, Fouk, Felipe Gordon, Phil Weeks, Moodymann and a loto of deep and jazz stuff. Talkin’ about mexican producers, I love Hotmood music (you will note it), Alfredo Ávila, Ivan Dbri, to name a few.




Turn it up & enjoy!