Dippin’ in to The LoveBath this week with the one and only, Sartorial.  As co-founder of the ultra hot ‘n’ bubbly label, Tropical Disco Records, Sartorial has shot to the top of everyones lists over the last couple years with his perfectly pitched edits and strong curation skills as a label head.

Get familiar with the man and his projects via are interview below!




Interview with Sartorial


Give us some background on yourself. Your upbringing, how you got into dance music and where the moniker, “Sartorial” comes from.
Hi! I’m Alex, founder and co-owner of Tropical Disco Records. I got into dance music though the British Rave scene in the mid 90’s. Bought my Technics 1210Mk2 in 97 and been mixing ever since. I Dj’d Drum & Bass for the best part of twenty years. In that time I played at some huge raves in England. My Dj name, “Sartorial,”  is a play on my  surname Sartori.
As the founder of Tropical Disco Records, can you give us some history on the label, how the reception at been and whats in store for TDR as 2020 keeps on chugging?
Tropical Disco Records, started life on a weekly radio show on Housefm.net. I had a weekly 2hr show on the same radio station as Terry Hunter, Roger Sanchez and Louie Vega to name a few. So this was a great platform to  promote my new releases and also to promote club events also called TDR. I started TDR really as a platform to get some tunes out and press, if lucky, a few vinyls for me and a few close friends. Speaking of friends, I must mention and thank Simon Kennedy for his part in the label in the early days. I’ve also not yet mentioned Tim Burnett (Moodena) (who’s a fucking G by the way) as well as co – owner of TDR. Its crazy to think what started three years ago in my flat in Brixton has now become. In 2020 TDR, will keep putting out weekly promo’s on TraxSource, as well as bi-monthly vinyl releases.
How are you fairing across the pond in these times of quarantine and COVID-19?
Day to day in my flat is all about music from when I wake up. To help pass the time I thought it time to learn to play the keyboard. Ive found a few Youtube tutorials that are cool. I’ve just started the TV program, Vikings, which has five seasons\d, so that should keep me busy for a few weeks! Whenever possible, I’m topping up my tan in the garden. English weather is terrible so when it’s a beautiful day, I try and spend as much time out doors, getting that much needed vitamin D!
Anything else you’d care to add here? Upcoming music, projects and things in the works?
A good way to keep up to date with Tropical Disco Records  is on our Facebook page, Insta and Soundcloud.
#1 current dancefloor burner in your crates?
The track that’s blowing up my home studio is The Rattlesnake & The Ant by Moodena out on Tropical Disco Records!



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Davey Schacherl
Contributing Editor