The LoveBath is back with another groovy installment from Labor Of Love! We got a chance to catch-up with a short interview about what’s new and forthcoming in the Labor Of Love world.  Check it out below, and tune in to this bad-ass episode of disco, funk and soul cuts!








Interview with Labor Of Love


Whats goin’ down in the Labor Of Love Edits world? Whats on the horizon for 2020 and what are you working on now?
 First off…thanks for having me on The Love Bath show! Been a huge fan of this mix series and honored to be in the mix. I’ve been working on some new edit material and expect a few to be released this year. Also, some collaborative projects under the alias DS Edits (Disco Social Edits).

You’ve recently launched a new party in your home town of Denver called “The Disco Social…” give us the scoops. Hows it been going?
It’s been a wild ride! My partners Jerome, Mtyu, and I started this night for fun. Our intentions behind this party was to have a night in our city where we can get together and play the music we love, and invite all our close friends for a boogie down. We are now approaching our 1 year anniversary this May.

You’re also a label owner, if we’re not mistaken. Fill us in there.
Yes, I started the Labor of Love edits label in 2014 inspired by the birth of my son. Labor of Love translates in a couple ways… “birth of love” also the love labor that goes into this music thing.

Anything else you care to plug at this time?
I’m anticipating some dj travel dates in 2020…. very much looking forward to that!

Current #1 dancefloor weapon?
Too many good ones to choose! Been hammering a few on Whiskey Disco, Razor-N-Tape, Secret Squirrels, Editorial, Furious Mandrill to name a few, and I always keep a stack of classic house to boot.



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Davey Schacherl
Contributing Editor