The LoveBath returns with our 80th sexy episode from Swedish deep house dons Dirtytwo! We had the great privilege of catching up with these two and learning a bit more behind the myth and legend, and to get a glimpse of what to expect from these guys moving into 2020.

Turn it up & enjoy!




Interview With Dirtytwo

1.) Can you tell us how you guys landed on the name ‘Dirtytwo’, Any secret meaning behind it?

It’s top secret! No not really, most out of wtf are we going to call us stresssyndrome. Very simple a word game with our street number were we have our studio “32”. We thought it was fun with a very broad US accent as maybe from a old western like John Wayne or something. Corny, but now we’re stuck.

2.) You guys have had quite a productive year with huge release on Large, Nervous, i! Records, and a bunch of other heavy hitters in the underground. What’s been your favorite release from this year?

We just realized that we actually have made a couple of tracks this year. Six top 10 on deep! Insane in our small world here in Hageby. We have had a real good flow on making music.
Fav release, hm a hard one. We always think that the latest is alway the best. Listen again I think maybe “No Make Up” on Large. But the Byron is also top dollar. Hard question!

3.) While most of your releases hit more on the grooving deep house vibe, you guys occasionally release those beautiful downtempo funk/soul tracks. How would you say the two sounds/genres compliment and play with eachother?

Thank you for acknowledging the downtempo stuff! I think we don’t think it’s a difference between the two. Al stuff we do is grounded in soul and we do love slow burner stuff, so it almost just a question about what vibe that suits the idea. And I mean watch people getting down to slow burners, bliss!

4.) Any exciting gigs or releases around the corner that people should keep an eye out for?

Come to Sweden (Hageby) around February. Then you can feel the vibe of us playing.
Abroad is hard. We are looking for a booking agency. So if you peeps out there know anyone, hook us up!

A remix for Quadrakey’s track Mars on Large. out now 6th of dec. First track out 2020 is also a remix on Dj Aakmaels Dearest One on KingStreetSounds Nitegrooves 17th of January. Then we got a digital release on Razor N’ Tape, no date. And we are also working on a 10″ vinyl release for a UK label called The Master Series. So feel like a good start of 2020.

5.) What’s your guy’s number one dance floor weapon right now?

Oh, always a tricky!
Nothing new but still on the dime!

Looking Back – DC Dubz, that plastic saxophone and chunky rhythm, makes dead people return from the grave!

Heat up – Peven Everett, also makes ants in the pants!