Spanish producer, Paul Rudder dips in for the latest LoveBath with his deep and groovy jams. Releasing on the likes of Flat White, Poetry In Motion and a huge EP coming on the always impressive, Black Jukebox.

Dip in and splash around a bit…It’s The Lovebath with Paul Rudder!




Interview With Paul Rudder

Tell us a bit about yourself, where you’re from, your musical journey and where the name Paul Rudder comes from.
Well my name is Pablo Timon, 29 years old and I’m from Gijon, Asturias… a beautiful in Northern Spain. Paul Rudder is the translation of my Spanish name so, it was really easy choose that name.

You have a record with Black Jukebox coming up…how did this project come about and how has it been working with such an esteemed label?
It’s funny, Black Jukebox actually selected some tracks I made a year ago. I was trying to explore new sampling techniques and spent a lot of time chopping samples using bits of reversed audio to develop a ‘dirty’ deep house sound. Later on, I tried shopping the tunes to some labels, but most of those labels had different ideas for them…but I was committed to finding a vinyl home for them.
I finally sent them to Jan (aka Shir Khan of Black Jukebox and Exploited Records), and he offered me a 12″ release Black Jukebox… that was a big honor for me because I had loved Exploited for years. Working with Jan has been great… he’s very responsive and quick. The vinyl release is coming soon and the digital release not long after…there are also some great premieres lined up for the tracks as well.

You regularly collaborate with another LoveBath alum, Hurlee. How did you two connect and whats the collaboration process for you two?Iñaki is one of my best friends. We met years ago via Facebook and formed a close bond. It’s amazing how we’ve both been making progress in the music world. I remember when we both started working on tunes and collabing… we both had dreams of releasing on great labels and now we are!
Since we both work in Ableton Live, it makes things really easy for us to collaborate. We normally just send ideas back and forth… each of us contributing elements and work on the arrangements… It’s pretty seamless.

Anything else you care to share with us? Upcoming gigs or other releases? This is your chance to plug, plug, plug!
Yes! Like I mentioned, the digital release of my Black Jukebox EP will land in July and I also have a more disco release coming on Peppermint Jam with Iñaki. There will also be a great remix from Coeo included in the release. There’s also a new vinyl release coming mid-June on the House OnWax label. It’s a really deep, dubby house track and I’m super excited about this release because it showcases my more underground side and we’ve got some amazing premieres lined up. Annnnnd, it’s ‘secret’ but… I’ve signed a release to Fred Everything’s ‘Lazy Days’ label. It includes  two jazzy tracks plus a BIG remix….. that I can’t talk bout it! haha

Whats you’re number 1 favorite party-starting track currently?
Mmmm it depends, but I’ve been playing both of these tunes recently: Grant – “Malt Brun” or Catz N Dogs – “Chyba (Fred Everything Remix)”




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Davey Schacherl
Contributing Editor