Ah yes, it’s a new year and we’re back from our winter hibernation and ready to dip in the bubbly, warm waters of yet another LoveBath season. Kicking things off proper is our man Dorsi Plantar…he’s a regular around the Better Listen Records camp and one hell of a classy producer.

We’ll just go ahead and keep things short, sweet and let the music do the talking. Dip in and find our standard interview below… Happy New Year!




Interview with Dorsi Plantar

Tell us about yourself, your musical journey and what/where “Dorsi Plantar” means/comes from.
Hey guys, my name is Rune. I am a 28 year old Dane currently living in Malmö, Sweden. Music has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up in a household where there was always music playing on the stereo. I started playing music myself at the age of ten or so. Drums and then later guitar. I can’t play either very well today, but it definitely sparked my creative musical journey. My father quickly taught me to love vinyl and high fidelity sound. A while back he told me that I, at the age of four, had asked him if I could inherit his sound system and vinyl whenever he died. He said yes, and I frequently remind him about that as a joke. Even though the music was very different from what I produce and listen to today, it all helped me understand feelings in music. Music is a very powerful stimulus and I’ve always gravitated towards music that makes me feel certain ways, but I guess we all do.

The name Dorsi Plantar refers to a distinctive flexion of the ankle, called the dorsal and plantar flexion, which usually occurs — to me at least — when listening to groovy tunes. I wanted something that could actually sound like a name, but then also had some meaning to it. People in the scene often think that my actual name is Dorsi and I think that’s nice.

You recently released your second EP with DC based Better Listen Records… how has your experience been working with BLR and how did that relationship begin?
Yes, super cool to get another EP out on BLR. I love the label and Martín is a very close friend of mine, so it was an instant ‘yes’ when he asked me whether I wanted to do a sophomore EP on the imprint. Martín and I hit it off instantly way back when he messaged me about doing the fourth release on the label, the Everlast EP, and we’ve been talking frequently ever since. Working with Martín is just like working with a very honest friend. We speak the same language when it comes to music production, so A&R has never been much of a problem. We hang out as often as we can and I’ve been to DC a couple of times to play with some of the affiliated crews and the head honcho himself. Martín also makes sure to take the trips over to hang with his Scandinavian roster, including Artur Brändström (Ari Bald), Emil Sunesson (Sune) and myself, and we always have a great time together. I truly consider them to be family.

What can we expect from your LoveBath mix….give us the scoop!
Expect a relatively wide range of house with varying levels of energy. All of the tracks in the mix are produced by either close friends and acquaintances of mine or people that I wish were. Haha.

Anything else you care to share with us? Upcoming gigs, releases, remixes, etc etc….this is your chance to plug!
I am cooking, but it’s a stew. I’m slowly trying to redefine my output a little bit — which is hard, because I have to force myself to think differently and not always go with my instinct in the process; try not to do what I know how to do. And I feel that I need to take my time with it to do it properly. I want my next release to be fresh and in some ways more true to what I actually want my output to be like. Also I want to get out of my comfort zone a little, if that makes sense. It will be more house, less disco. So, I actually deliberately have no other releases lined up right now, but I trust that it will be worth it in the end if I am just a little patient with myself and the process.

#1 party starting track in your DJ bag currently?
Ouff, that’s a hard one. I am going to break the rules of your question and mention a couple here; it’s too hard to choose. Recently, I’ve been playing Intr0beatz’ Crucial Catering EP to death wherever I’ve been, especially the track, “Dumpin’.” He’s such a dope producer and it’s literally impossible for me to stand still to that track. I will probably also soon need another copy of the The Round Up – Part IV on Heist Recordings. That Fouk remix of Nacthbraker’s “Hamdi” is probably on my top ten best tracks of 2018 and it works wonders on the floors too.

Lastly, I’ve fallen completely in love with an currently unreleased track by Stockholm-based wonder-boy, CJ Scott, which I’ve also included as the last track of the mix. Sadly you will probably have to wait a little for the release of it, but I can tell you that it’s in the pipeline without spoiling too much. I hope you’ll enjoy it!


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Davey Schacherl
Contributing Editor