This week’s LoveBath is a special label takeover from Bristol’s ambassadors of all things groovy… Boogie Cafe! Comprised of DJs, producers and best buds, Jimmy The Twin and “Naughty Alex” Dinham, Boogie Cafe launched in 2013 and has since expanded to include three sub-labels that covers the gamut of their musical tastes. With a collective 16 vinyl releases under their belts, Boogie Cafe has remained true to it’s ethos of “anything good, gets on” and “quality over quantity.”

It’s a pleasure to be able to welcome the Boogie Cafe DJs into The LoveBath fold…they’ve prepped a special mix that features bath-loads of Boogie Cafe material and lots of sneak peeks of future releases. Find our standard interview with the lads below.

Dip in!




Interview with Boogie Cafe DJs

So, tell us about Boogie Cafe, it’s founding members and the label’s history.
Two friends Alex and Jimmy from Bristol who, 5 years ago, decided over a beer to start our own label. The first release was an EP of Jimmy’s edits, which we distributed ourselves. It sold well, so we carried on from there.

There seem to be three labels operating under the Boogie Cafe banner…the original label that focused more on edits and reworks, the “Black Series” that covers more house-oriented tackle and a “modern-funk” series as well. Can you elaborate on these facets of Boogie Cafe?
We agreed from the start that the ethos of the label should be if we both think it’s good, it gets on. Having the three imprints (Black, Stamp and Neon) allows us to have an outlet for the broad spectrum of music we love . Also we’ve just released our first 7” (on Neon) from Sair and Adam Chini with more in the pipeline for 2019.

Is there anything else you care to share about Boogie Cafe? Upcoming release, gigs, parties…anything exciting? This is your chance to plug plug, plug!
Lots of Dj gigs before the end of the year including label take over parties in Bristol and London. Some exciting releases due to drop over the coming months  from the likes of Goshawk, Danvers, Liquid Pegasus, Funk’N’Sly, Ron Basejam, Martin Hayes and Admin.

 #1 sure-fire party starter in your DJ bags currently?
Big fans of Aroop Roy’s output , just got sent his latest remix of Campaner – “Do it Together.” Pure fire, as always from him… keep an ear out for that one!


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Davey Schacherl
Contributing Editor