Episode 111 of our beloved LoveBath series cruises in from Vander!

This enigmatic artist has demonstrated an incredibly diverse set of talents through remarkable releases, unique hybrid performances, and a number of entrepreneurial ventures.  Of Dominican descent, Andres is a gentleman in the streets but a prodigy on the beats, featuring a history of bringing records to high-ranking labels that to name only a few, include The Gardens of Babylon, Stil Vor Talent, Pipe & Pochet, and Klassified.

His sound is distinct, yet diverse, dancing the lines between Afro-Latin influences, synthwave, and the darker sides of disco, but characterized by a signature spirit that one can only describe as unapologetically authentic.  When he isn’t demolishing dance floors or crafting his next release, VANDER keeps busy with an extraordinary amount of non-ordinary pursuits.  From booking international talent with his Amsterdam-based events label Corals to teaching the next generation of producers through the online platform known as the Curious Artist’s Club, the loveable Latino never ceases to inspire those around him with humility and hustle. 

While few know what he’s up to next, rumors of an explosive live performance are making the rounds among loyal fans and promoters alike.



Turn it up & enjoy!