Welcome back for another edition of The Love List – a monthly podcast featuring our top 20 picks for the month.

Mixed & Compiled by Dadon

The Love List – Top 20 Track May 2015

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1) Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Sorry I am Late (Original Mix) [Diynamic] 2015-05-18
First track on the mix starts us out with something from the ever interesting Kollektiv Turmstrasse. Jam vocals and the growling bassline makes for a killer on the dancefloor.


2) Death On The Balcony  – Soul Searching (Original Mix) [Dikso Records] 2015-05-04
Keepin it deep in the early tracks, we’ve got a super jam from the DOB boys on Dikso. This, and the next several tracks are a bit more founded on the same vibe the blog initially started out on. Deep, sexy and a bit off the beaten path. Ace work from these guys.


3) Till Von Sein – Booty Angel (feat. Kid Enigma) [Suol] 2015-05-22
This track technically came out in April, but it also came out on Till’s album that dropped this month. Maybe it’s cheating a little, but we love it so it goes in the mix


4) Fouk – Kill Frenzy (Original Mix) [Heist Recordings] 2015-05-18
This track has got a real nice vinyl element to it. The wavering pitches remind us a lot of that authentic human feel you only get when playing records. Really dig the groove here and to be honest, the whole EP is pretty well done.


5) Purple Disco Machine – Magic (Original Mix) [Exploited] 2015-05-11
This one is a no brainer. If you haven’t played it out yet, you better get on it. Purple Disco Machine has been making a lot of waves lately and this jam just solidifies their hype. Exploited nailed it with this one.


6) Joyce Muniz – You Always Get Me High (Original Mix) [Exploited] 2015-05-18
Ah, Joyce Muniz. She kills it on this one and certainly gets us high. Exploited just knows how to pick em. Classic vibe and trippy vocal. Gold.


7) Manik – Buffalo Trace (Original Mix) [Nice Age] 2015-05-25
Manik is good friend of ours here at MI4L. This track off his new EP has been getting a lot of attention as of late. This is a heavy ghetto kind of track and the bassline is straight nasty. We love hearing these dirty tracks from Manik. He’s just super versatile and it’s great to see his range.


8) Popof, Arno Joey – Words Gone feat. Arno Joey (Original Mix) [Hot Creations] 2015-05-18
What a nice track! Hot Creations is capable of coming out with those real catchy tracks that just stick around in everyone’s heads, and we think this is certainly one of them.


9) Claude VonStroke – Make A Cake (Original Mix) [Dirybird] 2015-05-18
Yes. Let’s make a cake. Here’s another case and point why Claude VonStroke is at the top of his game and his label is still leading the way in booty bass deliciousness.


10) Kiko – Apollo (Original Mix) [Noir Music] 2015-05-11
Been playing this track out recently and it absolutely slays the dancefloor. It’s massive. Killer track from the Noir imprint.


11) Dash Groove – Lumberjack (Original Mix) [Cuff] 2015-05-18
At this point, we know what to expect from the Cuff label and this track from Dash Groove is exactly that: huge. Big, grimey bassline, big percussion, the whole lot. If you’ve been looking for something to knock the socks off your crowd, this is your track.


12) Harvard Bass – That’s Me (Original Mix) [Saved] 2015-05-25
Harvard Bass! Man, here’s another one of our friends just doing work and growing his success. This track kind of transitions the mix from the booty dancefloor killers to the driving tech house vibe we’ve all come to love from Harvard Bass and Saved Records. Nice one.


13) Tiga VS Boys Noize – 100 (Original Mix) [Turbo Recordings] 2015-05-02
Leave it to Tiga to talk about shoes in his track. Love this vocal and love the collab with Boys Noize. Our favorite part of this track is definitely the breakbeat groove towards the end. It’s definitely a track to catch the attention of the dancefloor. Dig.


14) Audiojack – Luna (David Mayer Remix) [Gruuv] 2015-05-25
Audiojack are some of the best out there. There is no question on that. When you get David Mayer to remix your track, well, there’s really nothing that can stop you at that point. Loving the vibe here and love these artists.


15) Atjazz – Fox Tooth (Original Mix) [Local Talk] 2015-05-08
We thought to include some music a little off the beaten path, and Atjazz gives us a perfect track for that. Fox Tooth is a very special track that showcases Atjazz’s amazing talent. One of our favorites on the mix.


16) Green Velvet, Weiss (UK) – Forbidden Fruit (Original Mix) [Relief Records] 2015-05-18
Green Velvet has been doing a great job with his collaborations as of late. This track sits on the top of the tech house top 100 on Beatport and is certainly a big tune.


17) Ten Walls – Sparta (Original Mix) [BOSO] 2015-05-03
Another incredibly beautiful track from Ten Walls here. He’s certainly mastered his sound. This track is emotive and well crafted. It is a joy to play out or include on a mix.


18) Nitin – Dubbed Out (Deadbeat Remix) [No. 19 Music] 2015-05-25
No. 19 man Nitin presented a great single this month with some excellent remixes. As a good friend to MI4L, it’s always a pleasure to include music from Nitin and his label.


19) Fur Coat – Pankow (Original Mix) [Crosstown Rebels] 2015-05-25
These boys are some of our favorites. We’ve had them play for us on several occasions and have watched their success skyrocket. Excellent release boys. We are definitely stoked on this release.


20) Damian Lazarus and The Ancient Moons – Sacred Dance of the Demon [Crosstown Rebels] 2015-05-18Damian has been playing all over the place with these Ancient Moons, and we’ve gotta say, we’re liking it. It’s not always easy to digest Damian’s music or fashion choices, but he did a great job with this project. Very nice way to end the mix


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