It’s that time of the month again–The Love List is back!

It’s tough going through endless music, so we hand-select 20 tracks every month to share with our Lovers.

Composing this List is a laborious mission, as so much amazing music hits the shelves every day; but we battled our way through hours of digging and prepping to bring you these 20 incredible tracks released in January 2016.

This month we feature fantastic house, techno, and electronica from many amazing artists! This month, we start out a little indie, go into full tribal tech house mode, and then wind down at the end.  An entrancing mix from start to finish, we know you will be adding some of these to your catalog.

The Love List is one place to find what music we’re feelin’ every month. Enjoy!

Compiled & Mixed by SAAND
Director & Resident DJ

The Love List — Top 20 Tracks January 2016

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In no particular order…

1) MMOTHS – Eva (Original Mix) [Because Music] 2016-01-22
Blown away by this single from MMOTHS! Such a perfect tune for the season and a timeless piece that moves the spirit.

2)Christian Rework – Cycles Redundant  (Christian Rework’s 3 am mix0 [Far Down Records] 2016-01-22
A deep and haunting tune, something that grabs you by the edge of your seat, and perfect addition to the list.

3) Maribou State – Manila (Original Mix) [Counter Records] 2016-01-22
Maribou State are such a phenomenal band, and their latest release is just that!

4)Francesco Chiocci & Black Soda – Black Sunrise (Original Mix) [Connaisseur Recordings] 2016-01-25
Connaisseur has been putting out some quality VA’s lately, and they nail it out of the park with this mega jam!

5) Harri Agnel – Pablo (Original Mix) [OB-8 Records] 2016-01-19
Beautifully mystic and sensual, we love this one from Harri Agnel.

6) BONDI – Lagos (Original Mix) [3000 Grad Records] 2016-01-22
BONDI is another artist we have been keeping our eyes on lately, and he puts out this amazing tune to start out the year! Can’t wait to see what more this great producer has coming out this year.

7) Andrea Palazzo – The Love Is Over (Original Mix) [Cut & Reso Records] 2016-01-15
A super groover from Andrea Palazoo! Love the vocals with this one along with the driving beat! Def a must play for the dance floor!

8) Flampino – Burn Me (Original Mix) [Wildtrackin] 2016-01-01
This track is so funky and groovy, there is no way we couldn’t include it in our list!

9) SAAND – Fiddler (Till Von Sein & Tigerskin Remix) [Sol Selectas Records] 2016-01-11
I just had my release come out this month and I had to toss one track in the mix.  Tilly & Tigerskin aced this remix with its laid back feel good vibe.

10) Oliver K – Reen (Original Mix) [Nedra Music Records] 2016-01-22
Tribal, techy, and deep, this tune is perfect to keep the dance floor pumping!

11) Charles Ramirez & J. Nandez – Walking Africa (Summer 2015 Mix) [Hall Of Fame Records] 2016-01-11
Although this track was released early in the year, it was good enough to get re-released by the label and good enough for us to include in the list!

12) Joseph Gaex – La Tribu (Original Mix) [Tatun Records] 2016-01-18
I recently have a huge fan of Joseph Gaex and everything off Tatun Records.  These guys know how to make some serious Afro-tech.

13) Axel Doorman – Namibia (Original Mix) [Re-Lex Music] 2016-01-04
Axel Doorman gives us this afro-centric tribal jam called ‘Namibia’ which takes us right to the heart of the dark continent with its tribal vocal and techy drums.

14) Philips K – Samba De Rio (Original Mix) [Elektrobeats Records] 2016-01-11
Another tribal banger, the use of percussion on this, along with the ethnic vocals, stand out and keeps us locked in the groove!

15) Matos – Luna (Original Mix) [Mezcalina Records] 2016-01-15
Easily one of my favorite tunes in this mix, the vocal, heavy groove, and crisp percussion just keeps me going and going!  Expect this one to be in sets for months to come.

16) Sergio Murcia – Arab (Original Mix) [White Music Records] 2016-01-18
A serious banger from Sergio with a dash of middle eastern flair gives this tune just what it needs to make it into any set and in this month’s list.

17) David Abarca & Yamil – Flor Marchita (Original Mix) [Inside Label] 2016-01-08
Such a great collaboration between these two artists who deliver with this mystic and hypnotic tune!

18) FatouMata – Tanzania (Juan Remix) [Voyeur] 2016-01-25
Deep, tribal, and techy, just how we like it!  A great remix from Juan to keep you moving and grooving.

19) JJ & Andry B – Fallen (Extended Mix) [Rise Records] 2016-01-29
Such a beautiful and entrancing tune. The blend of ethnic instruments and modern vocals makes for a gorgeous piece of music.

20) Martin Waslewski – Kwaeit (Original Mix) [Monaberry] 2016-01-29
Monaberry has been putting out tune and tune lately and they just released their latest VA that features some pretty amazing music including this one. A perfect way to end any mix.