Welcome back, Lovers!

The Love List is a chart of our favorite 20 tunes released this month composed into a single mix and track list below.

With the end of the year, December 2016 was full of so many great tracks! It was arduous narrowing down the Top 20, but we figured it out and came up with up with this list we know you will Love!

This month we have our main man SAAND in the mix holding down some of his favorite tunes from the month.

We hope you enjoy and be sure to nab some of these tracks for your own collection.

Compiled & Mixed by SAAND
Senior Editor

The Love List — Top 20 Tracks December 2016

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1) Kerala Dust – Kylie (Original Mix) [MUZO] 2016-12-15

2) NU – Palomita (Original Mix) [Ouie] 2016-12-09

3) Jah People SA – Dear Strength (Original Mix) [Afro Rebel Music] 2016-12-23 

4) Native Tribe – The Sacred Tribe (Original Mix) [Open Bar Music] 2016-12-09

5) Walid Martinez – Makambako (Original Mix) [MoBlack Recods] 2016-12-09

6) 10Drums – Guaracha (Original Mix) [FQOTO Records] 2016-12-14

7) Betini, Tetini – Dodoma (Original Mix) [Richy Records] 2016-12-27

8) Charles Ramirez – Pink Blues Song (Original Mix) [Hall Of Fame Records] 2016-12-30

9) Pysh, Polundnice – Da Rosla (Original Mix) [Supremus Records] 2016-12-23

10) Pedro Costa – Resende Village (Original Mix) [Cancun Records] 2016-12-10

11) Alex Casini, Paolo Massamatici, Angelo Corvino, Riccardo Ceragioli – Desert Sound (Original Mix) [Cy Music Label] 2016-12-05

12) George Vala – 11:41 (Original Mix) [Get Physical Music] 2016-12-02

13) HUVER – So Much Good (Original Mix) [Yaiza Records] 2016-12-19

14) Juan Elvadin – Vacum (Original Mix) [CrackHouse Records] 2016 -12-19

15) Perzy – Bokoman (Original Mix) [MoBlack Records] 2016-12-02

16) Usufo Libre – Melanin (Original Mix) [UHURU Records] 2016-12-07

17) Miguel DJ, Jil Boy – La Musica (Original Mix) [Jil Records] 2016-12-05

18) Inaky Garcia, Luisen – Chimisi (Original Mix) [SP Recordings] 2016-12-09

19) Demarkus Lewis – Slower Than Lite (Walid Martinez Remix) [Manyoma Tracks] 2016-12-20

20) Butch, C.Vogt – Bliss (Original Mix) [Rebirth] 2016-12-05