Flow Music is an Australian record label and its new melodic house/techno release welcomes the return of Josh Richards, and also includes a remix by The Journey. The Journey is a duo of Australian artists from Melbourne who together run the highly respected record label, UGENIUS. Not only have they featured many tracks and remixes on their own imprint, but their soaring style or enrapturing melodic house/techno can also be heard on imprints such as Stil Vor Talent and Bedrock.

Anthurium” is the solo original track on this release and it unfolds with grace and beauty as the tranquil pads of the intro are joined by a throbbing bassline, melody-rich stabs and enchanting vocals. Its cinematic breakdown is a fusion of spiralling synths and delicate woodwind instruments, which subside when the drums come crashing back in for an impactful moment of release.

The Journey’s remix of Anthurium is a techy version that adds a new pulsating bassline and additional high-end percussion and explosive claps. After the epic breakdown section, they add an arpeggio synth line that compliments the original’s vocal.