The Hydra

The first of two mouth-watering The Hydra events in October delivers the best in acid, disco, house, hip-hop and bass across two rooms packed with the most revered DJs in their field.

Room one will see a DJ set from Norwegian disco force field Todd Terje, years of acid and techno know-how from the man of many musical personalities, Roman Flügel, a live show from Ninja Tune’s sample-loving Romare, who can go from romantic love songs to psychedelic disco in an instant, plus the much loved connoisseur of all things house that is passionate record collector Jeremy Underground. Enigmatic house producer Jacques Greene adds his own distinct take on the green to finish the room one line-up. The Hydra’s Dolan Bergin also plays.

In the Dark Room (formerly known as the Charge Bay), the legendary DJ Spinna brings old school deck skills and a bottomless well of hip-hop knowledge, Kornél Kovács is the Studio Barnhus man who is utterly unpredictable and can play weird pop, dancehall, psyched out trance hall and anything in between, while Will Saul sets the modern house and bass agenda with his Aus label and equally compelling DJ sets. With Perel playing a hybrid set and Chloe Frieda also lining up with a special guest, this is another essential event at Printworks.

Event Link:

Press Hall Electronic:
Todd Terje – DJ
Roman Flügel
Romare – Live
Jeremy Underground
Jacques Greene – DJ
Dolan Bergin
Dark Room:
DJ Spinna
Kornel Kovacs
Will Saul
Perel – Hybrid
Chloe Frieda
& Special Guest TBA