There have been several speculations for who is behind the mystifying new project R+ and their releases but with no avail. The first release ‘Summer Dress’ and it’s follow on Remixes EP kept music fans puzzled as there were no breadcrumbs to be found on any of their social media platforms.

The aesthetics of the brand is appealing with a minimalistic approach and by not providing a background story, press pictures or even tour dates, just the compelling music and artwork – will we ever find out who makes up R+?

R+’s first EP ‘Summer Dress’ and it’s subsequent release, featuring remixes from Amtrac and Theo Kottis with their latest ‘Those Were The Days’ is available now: 

R+ ‘Those Were The Days’ on Loaded Records

R+ ‘Summer Dress Remixes (incl. Amtrac, Rollo’s R+Love and Theo Kottis Remixes)’ on Loaded Records

R+ ‘Summer Dress’ on Loaded Records

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