[Release]  The Deepshakerz are one duo who have been making some serious up-beat house recently. Taking elements from house, afro-beat, 90s house, and other genres, the Deepshakers have created their own sound that moves. Their latest release, on Congaloid Records, is a sweet blend of deep and tech that really gets you grooving.  In addition, this release contains a massive remix from Baunz, who has been really impressing people with his latest productions.

‘Shake That Ass’ has that classic up-tempo house sound with loads of jump and pop. Stabbing keys, loads of reverb, and moving vocals, really gets you dancing. Baunz is one artist that you need to make yourself familiar with, and it is pretty apparent why with his remix. Huge thumping bass, jolting percussion, and a vicious melody really set this track apart from others.

A excellent piece of music, you get the best of both worlds with this release.  Whether you are into that classic house sound or a more modern deep tone, this record has you covered.


Artist:  The Deepshakerz
Title:  Shake That Ass
Label:  Congaloid Records
Catalog No.:  CONGA006

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