Last year Anton Feist and Fabian Fenk of The/Das debuted on Life and Death with their Fresh Water EP, a collaboration with Tale of Us that functioned as a milestone release for the label. Now the duo is back with three new songs that move mysteriously around the edges of the club. The EP opens with “Outfashioned”. Despite having a vocal excusing its absence from a party, this track could easily be the highlight of one. This thin melancholic line connecting the crowded dance floor to the individual headphones is an important feature of The/Das. The track can both ease you onto the floor or through a critical night, but still has a tinge of humor. Next up is “Suburban Drugstore”. A song that has metamorphosed over some years and has finally found its true shape. With a keen attention to small details this track opens a space that is filled with the haunting vocals of The/Das singer Fabian Fenk. The last track “Akimbo” takes place at the outskirts of the dance floor, with gazes floating around and fixating on a figure. Akimbo is the pose of resting your arms on your hips, maybe exhaustingly leaning against the wall after hours of dancing. The low insisting vocal appears out of the layered sounds, its the moment just before morning breaks at the club, the last dark hour of pure possibility.


Artist:  The/Das
Title:  Outfashioned
Label:  Life And Death
Catalog No.:  LAD010

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