One thing that I can’t get enough of in our scene is female producers. With many woman producers, they have a certain touch and appeal to their tracks that always make them sexy while still nurturing your dancing desires. New artist  Thallulah is certainly one of those artists, and one to look out for in the near future.  Her debut EP, on MLP Music Label, is a sheik stunner with deep grooves and heavy basslines.  Featuring Talul and William Medagli with a remix, Keep Love is one record to keep you rocking for a long time.

For ‘Only My Love’ Thallulah teams up with Talul to bring us a modern dance love jam. Using samples from the Bee Gees, while applying soft sensual synths, she gives this track a very ethereal feel. ‘Only My Love’ is an instant dance floor hit that will surely keep you dancing. ‘Keep On Groove’ pays tribute to a more classic house sound and keeps you moving and grooving for hours with its grasping sound.  William Medagli provides a wonderfully deep and heavy remix to ‘Only My Love’ where he takes the bass line to the next level and gives the track just the right touches while still staying true to the original, a great remix.

A great debut release from Thallulah and another awesome release from MLP Music Label, be on the lookout for this rising star who will certainly be making some moves in the near future.


Artist:  Thallulah
Title:  Keep My Love
Label:  MLP Music Label
Catalog No.: MML029

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