dds is a new label that launches with a fine EP from the one and only Terence: Terry. The Paris veteran is well informed by classic house and cooks up four forward looking tracks here that feature smart sampling, synths and drum programming.

Opener Intro (Call Me Snake) is a weird and wonderful piece of inventive synth work that is freaky and fun. It has no drums but will flip you inside out. 1997 then kick hard, with Keri Chandler style drums and warm synths making for a perfect dance floor groove.  Interlude is then built on a killer bassline. It is warped and textured and essential, and the drums are breezy and infectious. Last of all Biotrans bumps on stiff kicks, with squelchy synths and micro-house stylings that make it a perfected spaced out end to this top EP. 

#001 is out 1oth December! Buy it here: