[Release]  Nurvous Records is simply unstoppable.  At the moment there is no other label releasing the amount of quality music on a constant and consistent basis as Nurvous.  Up next they sign on Teenage Mutants who really deliver with Out of Time.  In addition, they get rising superstar Finnebassen who supplies a stellar remix along with another nice remix from Mould.

‘Out Of Time’ is a wonderful piece of Nu Disco with a blissful blend of bass, melody, and atmospheric vibes.  Finnebassen really brings it with one of the remixes of the year.  Already reaching over 20,000 fans on Facebook in a very short amount of time lets you know the talent and quality of this man.  With this remix he doesn’t fall short, but actually exceeds any expectations, and creates a piece of deep heaven.    Mould drops a sweet remix that has a classic house sound with a ton of energy, a real mover on the dance floor.

Nurvous continues to prove, over and over, that it a premiere label releasing premium music.  Anytime I see something out on Nurvous I know it’s going to be great, and this release is no expectation.


Artist:  Teenage Mutants
Title:  Out Of Time
Label:  Nurvous Records
Catalog No.:  NE22607

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