Innovative start up, Roli, aims to create products that increase the natural flow between human and technology. Their Seaboard Grand series provides a unique and new experience on keys, where playing is being reframed as a continuous, flawless flow rather than melted parts. Roli says of its new product,

The Seaboard is a radically new musical instrument that reimagines the piano keyboard as a soft, continuous surface. In realising this powerful concept as a refined product, we have brought together years of innovation on several fronts. The Seaboard’s polyphonic pitch bend, vibrato and per-note dynamic changes are all available at your fingertips, marrying the intuitiveness of a traditional instrument with the versatility of digital technology.

Watch this awesome video of the Seaboard’s incredible design and intuitive work flow, share, and pine over it with your music-inclined friends this Christmas.