Swell+Sound is gender equality, inclusiveness and sustainability catered to
audiophiles with an interest in surfing and bodyboarding.

Zarautz, a coastal village in the heart of the Basque Country will host a
plethora of artists from 16 different nationalities. Surrounded by 4 Stages
and 4 clubs running unceasingly for 12 hours during 4 days in a breathtaking

In this first edition and as pioneers in this type of synergy have configured
a line-up with artists of the stature of the Uruguayan Nicolas Lutz, the
Italian Quest, the American CCL or the French band Blind Delon. A line-up that
bets on national talent such as DJ F, Jose Cabrera, Damian Schwartz or
standards of avant-garde electronic music such as Javier Carballo or Mari.te.
Additionally, there will be room, how could it be otherwise, for local DJs
from Zarautz like Elektropeña or Mario Azurza who will share the booth with

regular crate diggers like Kimho, Galiano or Orphidal, representatives of the
Basque scene. The cultural platform Katapulta Tour Gipuzkoa, responsible for
discovering talent in music and performing arts, completes the roster with the
rap-band Agresión Verbal or the new wave band Sega Sound Killers. Landing in

Zarautz, from Barcelona, Mad Radio BCN will support the event with its well-
known streaming and will provide a renowned Catalan line-up such as Raphael Carrau or Erlin James, director of the brand.

Music, DJ or sound design workshops as well as interviews will top it all off
giving riders and artists a framework in intertwined sessions for sharing
their own experiences with all attendees interested in such disciplines.

KV2 acoustics and PlusMusic supporting partners of the festival, will deliver
an audiophile hifi-graded sound experience matched with top-of-the-shelf
rotary mixers such as the Japanese Alpha Recording System 9100B or the Taula
Ivory 4.

In addition, there will be a private event at the Surf House in zarautz geared
towards sound professionals on October 19th.

Discover more: https://www.prozarautz.com/