On 6th April, 2022 the Museum of Modern Electronic Music (MOMEM) will be ceremoniously opened in Frankfurt. Located directly in the heart of the main city at the Hauptwache, the museum will present the exhibition “Sven Väth – It’s simple to tell what saved us from hell”; a collaboration between close friends Sven Väth and Tobias Rehberger. 
“There is no better opening exhibition for MOMEM, because Sven Väth and Tobias Rehberger have each, in their own way, taken electronic music culture from Frankfurt to the world” Alex Azary, director of MOMEM, is pleased to say. 


Together, DJ and electronic art producer Väth and visual artist Rehberger are now curating MOMEM’s opening exhibition, in which they will jointly explore Sven Väth’s private archive. The records, photographs, flyers, films, sounds, and Väth’s private art collection form the centre and starting point of this journey into the shared past of electronic music culture since the late 1980s. 
A very personal view of this most important piece of cultural history emerges, in which electronic music culture formed socially in a few European cities such as Berlin, London, Manchester and, of course, Frankfurt am Main, and from there began its triumphal march around the world. “We are very much looking forward to working together on this exhibition and are ourselves excited to see where this joint journey will take us”, Sven Väth and Tobias Rehberger show themselves joyfully motivated.
The opening of the MOMEM, which is dedicated to the documentation, processing and switching of this cultural history of electronic music, will be celebrated naturally with a large public party with Sven Väth on 08.04.2021
The Hauptwache will become an extraordinary open-air venue with MOMEM at its centre, and the museum will also provide a spectacular impulse for the further development of Frankfurt’s city centre. This would not have been possible without the great support of the City of Frankfurt and Mayor Peter Feldmann, who, in turn, honoured both Sven Väth and Tobias Rehberger with the Goethe Plaque.
About Sven Väth
Sven Väth was born in 1964 in Offenbach am Main and made his first experiences as a DJ in his parents’ dance club. In 1982, the 18-year-old Sven Väth became a DJ at the legendary discotheque Dorian Gray in Frankfurt Airport and became an international pop star between 1985 and 1987 with the project OFF and the single Electrica Salsa. After a break, he opened Omen, one of the most important German techno clubs of the 1990s, and runs the pioneering labels Eye Q Records, Harthouse and Recycle or Die.
As a DJ, Väth has toured the globe ever since. In 1997, Sven Väth founded the Cocoon party series, which conquered all of Europe from Frankfurt and shaped party life in Ibiza for over 20 years. The party series was expanded to include a label and a booking agency before Sven Väth opened the Cocoon Club on July 18, 2004, a lavishly designed party location in Frankfurt that was to set new accents in terms of interior, sound system and gastronomy. In 2016, Väth was honoured with the “Goetheplakette” of the city of Frankfurt and in 2021 looks back on a 40-year career, which is also the reason for the exhibition at MOMEM. Sven Väth’s 14th studio album “Catharsis” will be released in spring 2022, accompanied by an extensive world tour.