Toronto-based producer Sven Lochenhoer releases his quirky two-track ‘It Knows’ EP, out now via Dirtybird.

Since 2017, Sven Lochenhoer has been a consistent character among the flock, popping up on various Dirtybird compilations and sub labels over the years. Diving into the depths of house music, Sven Lochenhoer’s ‘It Knows’ EP is reminiscent of Dirtybird’s 2005 origins. Thoughtfully produced, the EP consists of its edgy, club-centered title track and experimental downtempo companion ‘Rain Check’. Each layered with gentle piano melodies, warm basslines, and wonky vocal effects, Lochenhoer has crafted an intricate duality through this two-track project.

The rising Canadian producer first appeared on the scene six years ago. Since then, Lochenhoer has gone on to release records with such labels as Dirtybird, Trippy Ass Technologies, and Dumb Fat. Through his original productions and Splice sample packs, Sven Lochenhoer continues to earn the favorable regard of artists and aural aficionados alike.

Sven Lochenhoer invites fans to join him on a wild ride and stream ‘It Knows’ today.