Release Date: Oct 21, 2013
Catalog: UJR021
Label: Union Jack Records
Title: Heart, Danger, Over EP


Union Jack Records are long time friends of Music is 4 Lovers and it has been amazing to watch them grow. With now over 20 releases under their belt, they ready themselves to put forth the full package here; a strong EP equip with remixers that do justice to the original and a music video. The new EP by Frankfurt duo Suptil (Chriss Vogt & Patrick Jeremic) showcases their talent for technical mastery along with their instrumental skill to produce a two track original work. The EP total length is five tracks since in addition to its two originals, it includes a remix from a name we’ve all been seeing a lot lately, Animal Trainer, one from MSMS and a “revisited” version of the title track. There’s a lot of content here, but one thing is for sure, the bassline stays strong in every mix.

Let’s start with the original/title track Heart, Danger, Over since it’s really where all the action is. This is the track that was chosen for the “revisit”, the remix work and as the title track so obviously the label has an affinity for it. In the press release, Union Jack calls Heart, Danger, Over the track that, “…describes the release.” It’s packed full of great elements that provide a rich foundation for the remixers to manipulate into their own renditions.

MSMS does a great job here in their remix, keeping enough of the bassline elements and vocal samples to relate it to the original, while beefing up the low end, increasing the atmosphere and adding a more percussive bounce to their mix. There’s definitely a little acidy disco play going on here and it works well to bring their remix alive.

Animal Trainer also delivers a wonderful rendition of the original here, including some deep bass undertones, excellent hi-hat/percussive work and then brings in the vocal towards the end to drive the remix home. The energy really builds throughout this mix nicely as we’ve come to expect from Animal Trainer tracks.

Lastly, we’ve got Miss Your Love, the finale track and the soundtrack for the music video of the release. There’s a lot of interesting percussion here and the way the track develops keeps hold of the listener through the end. The track doesn’t take off until about halfway through and really explodes after the track gets stripped back, revealing the vocal almost alone. It’s a nice deep house track with genuine melody and definitely matches the sentiment of a love story depicted in the music video posted below.

To close it all out, we’ve got one last treat for you: a mix from Suptil on the Union Jack Podcast series.