[Release] WOW. I’m enraptured and in LOVE. As a yogi and yoga instructor, my favorite music to flow and meditate to has always been chill out electronica. Unless the music is enhancing the practice and proper music to meditate to … you really should have silence! None of that bullshit top 40 pop crap while I’m trying to get my zen on. It’s already complete bliss to find that balance and marriage between your breath and your flow … and when there is music that matches fluidly, it can enhance the experience to invite complete and utter states of ecstasy and bliss like you wouldn’t believe. Belle Ame Electronique, which means Beautiful Soul Electronic in bland English, is just that … a truly beautiful work of soulful electronic music that could transcend you to a higher state.


It’s no surprise after a little research to learn that Sunshine Jones was born from a love of dancing on the California beaches by firelight until dawn, since spring of 1991 Sunshine (the male) and Moonbeam (the female) Jones aka Dubtribe Sound System, one of my past favorite artists for soulful jams. Following an awe-inspiring night of reunion, revival and farewell where Dubtribe Sound System said goodbye in the very best possible way to their friends and family in Florida for their final tour as a group, for the first time in a good while, “I left the club inspired, (my) head full of music, and ready to work,” explains Sunshine. Full of inspiration, yet feeling the emotional gravity of Dubtribe’s life span coming to an end, Sunshine returned to San Francisco revived, energized and excited about the (re)connection made with house music that weekend. He set about locking himself in his studio and resolved to write, produce, and mix a track each day for a week, turning the task into creative motivation, coming to grips with finality of Dubtribe’s demise, the resurrection of his faith in house music as a positive force, and the emergence of Sunshine Jones as a solo artist and producer in his own right.


Blissfully sublime and elevating, this release cannot be done justice with words. You NEED to experience with your own ears and open mind and heart. Let it take you higher lovers …


OH, and to make this golden release even better … they’ve added in a deep remix from my favorite papilord of darkness, MEXA head honco, sir Louie Fresco. This LP is a must have for any music lovers library!



Artist: Sunshine Jones
Title: Belle Ame Electronique
Label: Nite Grooves
Release Date: November 13
Catalog: KSD205