Stil Vor Talent hardly needs an introduction anymore. Out of Berlin, the techno capital of the world we get ‘No Filler Just Killer Volume 2 ‘.  The name says it all and this 5 track EP is killer, a collection of artists including Moonwalk, Kellerkind, Boy Next Door, Channel X, and Klangkuenstler.

Phenomena ‘, which has been played and a favorite of Solomon, is the first track by the Italian duo Moonwalk. Working with UK artist Rafeal Cerato, they produce an exceptional deep house sound with a great snare and high hat combo. ‘Destiny ‘ by Kellerkind is up next with a distant vocal mixed into a synth melody that is worth repeating. ‘Lovely L ‘ by Boy Next Door brings in some more bounce to the EP, and has an incredible percussion and  driving synth that keeps the track progressing.  ‘Supernova ‘ by Channel X has an incredibly powerful sound. Turn it up, there is a fire inside. KlangKuenstler finishes the EP with ‘Drunk in Chicago ‘,which has some tripped out synths to start, but wait for the drop to switch gears as the drum pads keep things groovy.


Artist: Rafael CeratoMoonwalkKellerkindBoy Next DoorChannel XKlangKuenstler
Release Date: 2015-01-08
Label: Stil Vor Talent
Catalog No.:  SVT162

– Becky Beloved