The first release of 2016 comes from Motek’s own Matt Hardinge and fellow label owner at Inside Out Records, Stevie R. Horizon is a two track EP steeped in atmosphere and subtle groove play. ‘Horizon’ takes on a moody atmosphere, created with spacious pads and haunting vocal textures. The track is finished with rhythmical spoken word sections from the very talented Wayne Tennant. ‘Lethe’, the second track to this EP, has a little more upfront punch whilst still keeping the dreamy pad textures that surround this EP. Strong lead synths provide the main focal point, dancing and weaving around crisp percussive textures. Remixing Horizon we welcome back Speaking In Tongues, who have put their signature sound on this production. Peak time drive through relentless rolling bass and beats play alongside subtle dynamic and arrangement changes, providing the ebb and flow.


Artist:  Stevie R & Matt Hardinge
Title:  Horizon EP
Label:  Motek Music
Catalog No.:  MTK018