Wout Records have turned their attention to fresh new names for their next EP. It features a London based producer duo called Soul of Noise who serve up four fantastic tracks that prove they have a fully formed sound. 

It is one rooted in deep, cosmic techno and opener 27 is the perfect example: it has heavy, rumbling drums with sparse but eerie chords rising up the scale. It’s one for big rooms and will really lock in the dance floor. King For A Day is just as nimble and forward looking, with driving drums and more well crafted synth lines burrowing deep. Light & Dark offers the sort of moody kick drums that make you dance, while the twinkling keys up top add colour and sci-fi feels that place you in outer space. The Mist is last up and is a real standout, with plenty of tension in the posted synths. Its a dramatic cut with a real narrative and is a fresh techno sound for those who like plenty of intrigue. 

King For A Day is out now! Buy it here: https://www.beatport.com/release/king-for-a-day/2278780